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List of countries requiring the traditional ink and roll fingerprints

If you are applying for a criminal background check (police certificate) from a country other than Canada, as part of the process you must take your fingerprints at an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency and submit the original hardcopy of your fingerprints with your application.

Since 2014, Canada has replaced the Traditional Ink and Roll with a live scan system that captures your fingerprints digitally. However, there are still a list of countries that only accept the traditional ink and roll fingerprints.

The following list of the countries require traditional ink and roll fingerprints:

  • Singapore for Certificate of Clearance (COC)

  • Qatar for Police Clearance Certificate

  • Ethiopia for Certificate of Good Conduct

  • Egypt for Criminal Record Certificate

  • Dominica for Criminal Record Information

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Criminal Clearance Certificate

  • Bahrain for Good Conduct Certificate

  • Nigeria for Police Character Certificate

  • The Philippines for NBI Clearance

  • Mexico for their Constancia De Antecedentes Registrales

  • St. Vincent for Police certificate

  • Saint Lucia for Police certificate

  • Barbados for Police certificate

  • Trindad and Tobago for Police Certificate

  • Jamaica for Police Certificate

  • Haiti for Police Certificate

  • British Virgin Islands and Grenda for Police Certificate

Please note that for some countries, there is a requirement to have your fingerprints captured on their own specific form. It is your responsibility to bring the specific fingerprint form along with the instruction to your appointment.

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