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Richmond Hill Fingerprinting and Background Checks

RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Agency  Moshiri Corporation

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As an RCMP-Accredited Fingerprinting Agency, we offer fingerprinting services in support of your RCMP Criminal Record Check or for international purposes. Beyond fingerprinting, we also specialize in apostille services, legalization by foreign embassies, record suspension, file destruction and a wide range of legal services.


International Fingerprinting

We offer fingerprinting services tailored to the specific requirements of international agencies, including the FBI. Our expertise ensures that your fingerprints are accepted internationally, meeting country-specific requirements.


We're here to assist you in clearing your criminal record through record suspension (pardon) or file destruction, if eligible. Contact us today for a free confidential consultation.


We specialize in obtaining apostilles for your Criminal Record Check and other documents, ensuring their international acceptance. With expertise in meeting country-specific requirements, we make the process seamless for you.

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What to Expect?

 Bring two pieces of ID

Acceptable types of ID include passport, driver's license, birth certificate, Canadian citizenship/PR card, immigration documents, a record of landing, firearms possession certificate, military identification card, haunting or fishing license, marriage certificate. 

Remember to bring at least one type of photo ID. 

Health cards and Social Insurance Number (SIN) cards are NOT acceptable. 

 If there is NO match to a criminal record:

RCMP will process your request in 2-3 business days. However, there is extra time for Canada Post to mail your results to the address on file.

 If there is a match to a criminal record:

RCMP will require additional time for processing and it could take around 120 days.

 Digital applications: $50.00 + HST

For certain types of applications, an extra RCMP fee of $25.00 will apply.

 Digital Ink and Roll applications: $60.00 + HST

Digitally printed on RCMP C-216C or FBI FD-258 form.

 Traditional Ink and Roll applications: $80.00 + HST

Extra copy: $30.00 + HST

Are you outside Canada and require a background check from RCMP? We Can Help You!

 We accept ink and roll fingerprints. 

There is no need to travel back to Canada. We can assist you with digitizing your fingerprints taken abroad and submit them to RCMP. 

Our service fee for card scan applications is $150.00 + HST

**extra fees may apply depending on mailing options, RCMP fee, authentication or legalization required

 Do you require apostille?

We can assist individuals with authentication (apostille) by the Global Affairs or legalization by foreign embassies in Canada. Please let us know in your email if you require this service.

 How to Apply?

Simply email us with the subject line:

"International Fingerprinting Request" and we will send you an application form. 

After receiving your application form, we will send you a quote and you will receive a complete application package with the list of required documents and instructions. 

Please DO NOT attempt to take your fingerprints before consulting with us. 

 Original fingerprints are required to be mailed to our office and submitted to the RCMP.

After receiving your application form, we will guide you through the process and instruct you on submitting your fingerprints. 

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