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International Fingerprinting

Are you currently residing outside of Canada and in need of an RCMP Background Check?

We have got you covered with our comprehensive international fingerprinting services.

Fingerprint Submission from Anywhere in the World

​There is no need to travel back to Canada; we can assist you with digitizing your fingerprints taken abroad and submitting them to the RCMP. 

Our service fee for card scan applications is $150.00 + HST. Keep in mind that additional charges may apply, depending on mailing preferences, RCMP fees, or any authentication and legalization requirements. 

Authentication and Legalization Assistance

For individuals requiring authentication or legalization by Global Affairs of Canada or foreign embassies, we are here to assist you. Please notify us via email if you need this service. 

Our service fee for authentication by Global Affairs and legalization by a foreign embassy/consulate is $139.00 + HST. Note that extra costs, such as courier fees and consulate fees, may be applicable. 

How to Initiate Your Application

Getting started with our international fingerprinting services is a straightforward process:

1. Email Inquiry: Initiate the process by sending us an email with the subject line: "International Fingerprinting Request"

2. Quote and Application Package: Once we receive your application form, you will receive a detailed quote and a comprehensive application package. This package includes a list of required documents and step-by-step instructions.


We strongly suggest you take your fingerprints after consulting with us.  

3. Mailing Your Original Fingerprints: Please be aware that the original fingerprints need to be mailed to our office. We will then handle the processing and submission to the RCMP on your behalf. 

Upon submission of your application form, our dedicated team will provide guidance throughout the entire process. We will provide you with detailed instructions to ensure that your fingerprints are submitted correctly, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. 

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