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خدمات مهاجرتی مشیری

When it comes to navigating the complex world of document authentication and legalization, Richmond Hill Fingerprints is your trusted partner. We offer comprehensive assistance to ensure your documents are recognized and accepted internationally.

Understanding Authentication and Legalization


  • Authentication is the initial step in the process, where your document is validated by Global Affairs Canada to confirm its authenticity. This step is crucial for documents issued in Canada that need to be used abroad.

  • Legalization, on the other hand, is the subsequent step where your authenticated document is further verified and accepted by the foreign embassy or consulate of the country where it will be used. Each country has its own unique requirements and criteria for legalization, making it essential to seek professional guidance.

We specialize in simplifying the authentication and legalization process for a wide range of documents, not limited to just fingerprint forms or RCMP criminal record checks. Whether it's academic transcripts, marriage certificates, legal documents, or any other eligible document, we are here to assist.

We encourage you to send us an email with detailed information about your document and its intended use. This initial step allows us to understand your unique requirements and provide you with personalized guidance.

To begin the authentication and legalization process for your documents, please reach out to us via email. Our team will guide you through the steps, provide you with a quote, and ensure that your documents are processed correctly and in compliance with the requirements of the destination country.

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