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خدمات مهاجرتی مشیری

We specialize in capturing and submitting fingerprints to RCMP in support of criminal record checks and also offer expertise in ink and roll fingerprints for submission to foreign countries. 

Our Specialized Services

RCMP Criminal Record Checks 

We will capture and submit your fingerprints to RCMP in support of your criminal record check, ensuring accuracy and compliance with RCMP standards and requirements. Upon successful processing of your application, the results will be handled as follows: 

  • Individuals: If the results were supposed to be returned directly to you (the individual), you will receive your certified criminal record in the mail.

  • Third-Party Recipients (e.g., IRCC, Embassies, Lawyers): In cases where the results are to be sent to a third party, such as IRCC or a lawyer, the results will be securely mailed to the designated recipient as specified in your application. 


** For security clearances, the processed results will be sent directly to the required agency or department as indicated in your application.

Ink and Roll Fingerprints for Foreign Countries

We are well-versed in the specific fingerprinting requirements of various foreign countries. If you are unsure of a country's requirements, please call us for guidance. 


Note: Some countries may require fingerprints to be captured on their own forms. In such cases, you must bring the required form to your appointment. If no form is provided, fingerprints will be captured on the RCMP-approved C-216C form as standard procedure.

Instructions for Common Application Types

Please note that the below information covers only some of the common fingerprinting applications. Each application may have specific requirements and processes. If you are unsure about the details of your particular application type, please contact us for guidance. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in navigating the fingerprinting process effectively. 

  • U.S. Immigration - Green Card Application: If you are in the process of immigrating to the United States and require a certified criminal record check from the RCMP including the RCMP National Repository entire holdings, please select "Privacy Act" when booking your appointment online. 

  • U.S. Entry Waiver: If you have a criminal record and/or are inadmissible to enter the United States, you will be required to obtain a U.S. Entry Waiver to seek official permission for entering the U.S.


As part of your U.S. Entry Waiver application, you will be required to submit a certified criminal record check from the RCMP.


We will capture your fingerprints and submit them to RCMP for processing. You will receive your certificate in the mail which you can submit with your Entry Waiver application.

  • FBI Identity History Summary Check (U.S. Police Certificate): If you are in the process of applying for your FBI Identity History Summary Check and need to have your fingerprints captured, we can assist you! 

​Your fingerprints will be captured electronically in our office (rolled impressions of all 10 fingerprints and flat impressions of all 10 fingerprints ), and you will be provided with two sets of your fingerprints on the FBI-approved FD-258 (FD1164) fingerprint card. You can then mail your fingerprint cards to the FBI for processing.


Please note that for certain types of applications such as employment or licensing, there might be additional requirements and it is your responsibility to check the requirements before your appointment.


We will assist our clients with fulfilling certain requirements such as having the fingerprint cards placed in a sealed envelope and signed by our office. Also, if you are required to submit a physical photo as part of your application, you may bring your physical photo to our office to be included in the sealed envelope. 


We will only capture your fingerprints and provide you with an FBI card, we do not provide any services with regards to applying for an FBI Identity History Summary Check. 

  • Employment Applications: Depending on your employment type, you may need to provide fingerprints for obtaining a criminal record check from RCMP or in support of your security clearance application. ​


Federal Employment: If you are applying for a position with the Federal Government of Canada or a Canadian company that has contract agreements with the Federal Government, you may be required to obtain a security clearance (such as reliability clearance). 

You must bring two pieces of a valid ID and a letter issued by your company/organization requesting fingerprints to ensure your results will be sent to the correct organization.  After we submit your application to the RCMP, we will provide you with a letter containing your DCN number which can be submitted to your company as proof that you completed your fingerprints. 


Please note that the RCMP will not mail you your results and your company could verify your clearance with the DCN number provided to you during your appointment. 


Provincial, Municipal, Territorial Employment: If you are applying for employment with a provincial or municipal government, you may be asked to provide a certified criminal record from the RCMP. 


The RCMP will mail you your results within 3-4 weeks unless there is a match to your name which could delay the processing of RCMP. 


Please make sure to bring a request letter issued by the provincial/municipal government asking you to submit a criminal record check to ensure we submit the correct application to the RCMP. 

Private Sector Employment: Depending on your type of employment, you may be required to submit a certified criminal record check from the RCMP even if your company is within the private sector. 


Also, if you require a certified criminal record check as part of your licensing requirements (ex. CICC), you may choose this option at the time of booking your appointment. 

Police Force Employment: If you are applying to join the Canadian police forces, please make sure to bring all the necessary instructions in regards to your type of application to your appointment including a request letter for your fingerprints. 

Vulnerable Sector Check for Employment: You will be required to submit a vulnerable sector check for certain employment positions including those that involve working with children, the elderly or vulnerable persons. 


Please only book an appointment with our office when you have been requested to submit your fingerprints.


You can start your vulnerable sector check application at your local police station. However, if there is a match to your name, you will be provided with a letter requesting your fingerprints. You must bring this referral letter with you to your appointment as we cannot submit your application without the letter from the police.

  • Citizenship & Immigration Applications: If you have applied for your Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, you may be asked from the IRCC to submit a certified Canadian criminal record check from the RCMP. 

You must bring a letter from IRCC requesting a certified Canadian criminal record check and two pieces of valid ID to ensure we have all the required information needed to submit your fingerprint application correctly. 

We strongly suggest you wait for IRCC's instructions before applying for an upfront criminal record check. 

Your fingerprints will be captured in our office and submitted to the RCMP for processing. Please note that once your application has been submitted to the RCMP, we have no control over the processing times. Your application might take longer to be processed by the RCMP, if there is a match to your name or if there are delays. 

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