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خدمات مهاجرتی مشیری

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Easy Online Application

Quickly fill out our user-friendly online application with your personal information. It's straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes to be completed.

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Easily pay for your criminal record check online using your preferred secure payment method.

Receive Your Results Within Minutes

Wait to receive your results via email within 15-30 minutes during our operational hours.

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 Complete the Online Application

Take a few moments to complete the online application, ensuring all information provided is accurate. Once submitted, your details cannot be changed, so please double-check before proceeding. The application typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

 Verify Your Identity Online

Your identity will be electronically verified using Electronic Identity Verification (EIV). This process involves answering several questions to confirm your identity securely. Rest assured, this verification process does not impact your credit score or personal information.

Once your application is completed, proceed to make the payment securely online. The fee for this service is $55 + HST. Please note that no refunds will be issued once the application is submitted.


Expect to receive your results via email within 15-30 minutes, provided the application is submitted during our operational hours (Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM EST, excluding holidays).

 Receive Your Results

Important Information

➤ Online criminal record checks differ from RCMP-certified Criminal Record Checks, which require fingerprints. These checks are solely based on name and date of birth, without fingerprints, and are known as CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) and CRJMC (Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check).
➤ Please note that online criminal record checks are not suitable for various purposes such as immigration applications, record suspension (pardon) applications, submission to foreign countries, employment or volunteering in vulnerable environments requiring a vulnerable sector check. For these applications, you will need to provide your fingerprints and apply for an RCMP-certified criminal record check. Before submitting your application, please ensure its suitability for your intended purpose.
➤ If there is a match to your name and date of birth, you will be required to submit your fingerprints.
➤ Please ensure that all information provided in your application is accurate and complete to avoid delays or mistakes in processing.
➤ Once an application is submitted, no refunds will be issued, as it will be automatically forwarded to our partner police services for processing.
  • What do I need to bring with me to the appointment?
    For your appointment at our office, you must bring two pieces of valid ID and an instruction letter (if it has been issued to you by your organization such as IRCC). Health cards and social insurance cards are not acceptable and there are no exemptions.
  • How much time does this process take in your office?
    For digital fingerprints, the complete process would normally take less than 15 minutes. For ink and roll fingerprints, the process would take longer. Please note that for some clients, due to their poor fingerprints this processing time might take longer as we have to take their fingerprints several times.
  • How will I receive my results?
    The RCMP mails your results direclty to you or a third party's address on file via regular Canada Post mail. Some companies or organizations (such as IRCC or your employer) might ask for your results to be directly mailed to their address. In this case, you will not receive your results rather it would be sent to the requesting organization.
  • How can I follow up with RCMP on my results?
    If your results have taken longer than expected to be received, you can follow up with RCMP by calling them at 613-998-6362 or sending an email to We suggest waiting at least two weeks before following up with RCMP.
  • How do I know if I need a vulnerable sector check?
    If you require a vulnerable sector check to work in certain occupations, you will be notified by your company/organization. A vulnerable sector check is done to protect children and other vulnerable people from physical, sexual, mental and financial abuse. Examples of people that would qualify for a vulnerable sector check would be a school teacher, a children's hockey coach, a nurse, a jail guard, or a janitor that works in a nursing home and will be alone with the residents in their rooms. A vulnerable sector check will include criminal convictions, of course, but it may also disclose pardoned offences or what are now called "record suspensions". It may also contain incidents where charges were not laid but where the applicant was acting in a way that was considered violent or a danger to public.
  • I need my fingerprints on an FBI card (Form FD 258), can you do that?
    Yes, we can. When booking an appointment, make sure to choose this service from the list of our services and we would be more than happy to assist you. **you do not need to bring the form with you. We will provide you with the FBI card.
  • Can I take my fingerprints at your office for obtaining police clearance from foreign countries?
    Yes, you can! We will take your fingerprints and provide you with a hardcopy of your fingerprints on the RCMP-approved fingerprint form C-216C. You will then have to submit your fingerprints along with your application to the foreign country of your choice for obtaining police clearance.
  • I am under the age of 18, can I still apply for my criminal record check?
    The RCMP will not accept applications for people under the age of 18 UNLESS it is for certain purposes as listed below: Canadian Citizenship as requested by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Federal, Provincial and Municipal employment requested by the employer. Name Change. Privacy Act, for non-certified criminal information Employment with the Police i.e. RCMP Member, RCMP Civilian Member, Civilian Member, Canadian Police Force. Any fingerprint application filled for any purpose other than the ones listed above will be rejected by the RCMP.
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