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خدمات مهاجرتی مشیری

Booking Made Easy
Booking appointments online has never been easier with our streamlined process
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Appointments are required for all fingerprinting services

Flexible Scheduling

Book appointments at your convenience with our 24/7 online booking system and receive instant email confirmations.

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Easy Appointment Management

Easily manage your appointments online. Reschedule or cancel with just a few clicks.

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Attend Your Appointment 

Attend your appointment with two pieces of valid ID and any required forms or letters.

Our quick process ensures you are done in under 15 minutes

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Acceptable Identification:
You must bring two pieces of valid ID to your appointment (at least one must be a photo ID). 
 Acceptable forms of ID include: 
  • Driver’s License
  • Canadian Passport
  • Foreign Passport
  • Provincial Photo Card (e.g. Ontario ID Card)
  • Canadian Citizenship Card 
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Certification of Indian Status
  • Firearms Possession Certificate
  • Firearms Acquisition Certificate
  • Record of Landing
  • Canadian National Institute of the Blind Identification Card
  • Federal / Provincial / Municipal Identification Card
  • Military Family Identification Card
  • Work or Study Permit issued by IRCC
  • Refugee Status Document issued by IRCC
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Hunting License
  • Fishing License
  • Marriage License
  • Hospital Card
  • Private Industry Employee Identification Card
  • Union Membership Card
NOTE: Ontario Health Cards cannot be accepted for identification purposes (Health Cards and Numbers Control Act, 1991 section 2.2(1)).
NOTE: Social Insurance Card, debit, visa or master cards are NOT accepted as IDs.
Request Letters or Forms:
You must bring any request letters, emails or forms issued by the organization requesting fingerprints or an RCMP Criminal Record Check. This may include documents such as: 
  • IRCC request letter for citizenship applications;
  • Fingerprint request form for certain employment applications;
  • Volunteer confirmation letter; and/or
  • Referral letter issued by the police station for vulnerable sector checks.
Foreign Country Requirements:
If you are obtaining fingerprints to submit to a foreign country, it is your responsibility to check that country's specific requirements including:
  • Photo specifications or requirements for us to sign and stamp your photo;
  • Required seals or stamps on fingerprint cards; and
  • Any specific forms that fingerprints must be captured on (if applicable, you must bring the specific form to your appointment). 
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